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Hile water COMPANY

We love water and we are good at it

Hile Water Oy is a new and unique water supply company with the task of ensuring the ecological use of water resources in the Saariselkä region of Finland. In order for this important task to be successfully carried out, we will build the world’s first spring water packaging facility based on respect for environmental values, and it will be located in the Saariselkä organic collection area in Finnish Lapland. The facility will produce untreated, uniquely clean spring water for both the domestic and international markets. 
We will be investing heavily in the development of water 
brands and in increasing the company’s brand capital. We are a responsible and reliable company for which water is not just a chemical compound among others but a resource that gives vitality to all living things.The company is a participant in the Finnish Food Export Programme bearing the name Food From Finland.
When customer buys Hile Water, they know exactly what the water contains and how it was produced. At the same time, the customer contributes to supporting ethically sustainable production and biodiversity conservation.


We value and nurture the the state indigeneity and diversity of nature. We enhance well-being by acting ecologically, in accordance with sustainable development principles. We create value for our customers, the environment, and our owners.


We provide the cleanest and ecologically produced fresh water in the world. We ensure the preservation of water resources and biodiversity for future generations.


We promote human health and the natural well-being of the world. We are trail-blazers in providing spring water and we are a role model everywhere and for everyone.

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