Spring water on nature's terms

How we do things

We honour and uphold the purity and diversity of nature. We foster well-being by operating in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We generate value for our customers, for the environment and for our shareholders.

What we do and why

We make the world’s purest ecologically produced fresh water. We ensure the protection of water resources and biodiversity for future generations.


We promote human health and the natural well-being of the planet. We are a pioneer of spring water extraction, acting as role models for all operators around the world.

Water is our passion and our core competence

Hile Water Oy is a unique new water company that wants to ensure the responsible and ecological use of water resources in Finland’s Saariselkä region. To succeed in this important task, we intend to build the world’s first spring water packaging plant that operates on nature’s terms, in the Saariselkä organic collection area in Finnish Lapland.

The production plant will produce unprocessed, uniquely pure spring water for the Finnish and international markets. We are investing heavily in developing our water brands and amassing brand capital.

We are a responsible and reliable company, for which water is more than just another chemical compound; for us, it is the natural resource that bestows life upon all living organisms.

The company is part of the Food from Finland export promotion programme.

Hile Water carefully discloses the contents of its water and its production methods so that everyone who consumes Hile Water can contribute to supporting ethically sustainable production and the preservation of biodiversity.

We are looking for investors – become a part of our story

Our objectives are controlled growth, brand-building and entering an era of internationalisation for Finnish water. Our export prospects are excellent. We invest in Finland and Finnish Lapland.