Our team

Our team comprises some of Finland’s leading experts in various sectors. Finland has one of the most highly educated populations in the world, so competence is in our blood. At Hile Water, we work with a sense of humour, but we never compromise or take shortcuts. The Hile team includes experts of various ages to keep us abreast of the latest developments.

Our team members have strong entrepreneurial competence, as well as experience in international and domestic business operations, logistics, sales, marketing communications, brand-building, purchasing, automation, design, economics and finance, and the water business.

International contacts form a basis for global operations in various markets. Solid automation expertise helps with designing and maintaining the bottling plant, while logistical competence works in creating an efficient automated delivery chain from supplier to customer. Strong knowledge of commercialisation, design and brand-building, in turn, will ensure our international success.

Chairman of the Board

Juhani Perämäki

Decades of business experience.

Co-founded an automation business in 1993. Founded a consulting and sales company.

“Juhani is our ‘father figure’, as well as one of the cornerstones and board members of the company. His cheerful and relaxed attitude spreads positivity everywhere and to everyone.”

Board Member

Sari Peltoniemi

Long experience in public service procurement, customer relationship management and competence development.

“Sari is the one person in the company who looks after everyone else. Sari’s experience and genial nature impress everyone around her.

Sari makes sure that all Hile team members are treated equally and that no one is left behind.”

Board Member

Markus Kivelä

Long experience in customer acquisition and project responsibility.

Twenty-five years of commercial experience in the B-to-B market.

“Hile Water’s multitasker, Markus, is involved in diverse aspects of the company’s affairs. He is someone who has an idea or solution ready when others are just starting to think about it. He is always ready to help and never runs out of energy.”

Product Design

Harri Koskinen

Designer, Institute of Design at Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Kaj Franck Design Prize winner in 2014, Pro Finlandia Medal in 2007.

Brand & Licensing

Petri Paarnio

Over 25 years of experience in marketing, branding, licensing, media, sales and business management.

Customer Relations & Acquisition

Petri Hautala

Years of experience in food and drink product distribution and resale.


Tomi Aalto

Bachelor of Business Administration; marketing and strategic management. Strong background in sales, customer service and networking.


Heidi Haapamäki

Fourteen years of experience in the logistics sector, including 10 years in business digitalisation.

Investor Relations

Marja Mäkinen

Long experience in investor communications from several internationally operating Finnish listed companies. Takes care of the company’s strategic communications with the capital markets.


Jan Lindström

Thirty years of international trade experience, including 20 years in international paper and pulp machine sales.


Juha Raassina

Fifteen years of experience in the financial sector and in digital business development.

Production automation

Leopold Ringbom

Automation engineer. Ten years of experience in industry and internationalisation.

Production automation

Henrik Ringbom

Electrician, currently completing advanced training in technology.

Accounts payable and receivable

Anne-Marja Ringbom

Years of experience in IT and customer service.