Hile Water share issue under way

Be a part of the success story of the world's northernmost water

Be a part of the success story of the world’s most northern water

Hile Water Oy is a water company that is issuing shares in order to build the world’s first spring water packing plant operating on nature’s terms, in the Saariselkä organic collection area in Finnish Lapland. The production plant will produce unprocessed, pure spring water for the Finnish and international markets. We are investing in developing water brands and reinforcing Finland’s image as a water exporter globally.

Share issue under way – seeking investors

We are seeking investments to fund the development of our operations. The minimum target has already been fulfilled, but meeting our total target of EUR 7.5 million will allow for our investment plan to go ahead in its entirety.

Completely pure as it is

Finnish water has the best quality in the world. The uniqueness of Finland’s pristine nature can be tasted in our waters. Our spring water is completely pure as it is. Experience the sparkling and refreshing coolness of Arctic streams!


Investment plan

Our target is to raise EUR 7.5 million for the construction of a production line at springs located in the Saariselkä organic collection area and for developing a Finnish water brand aimed at exports.

Investment plan

The stages of the share issue

The stages of the share issue

Stage 1: 2018/03 Hile Water Oy is established.
Stage 12: Share issue ends on 31 December 2021, target: EUR 7.5m,
which will allow for the investment plan to be implemented in full.

The Stages

How to take part in the share issue

Shares can be subscribed in various ways.

How to subscribe

Invest in pure water

The share issue refers to shares in the limited company Hile Water Oy (“the Company”). We are selling shares in the Company, which manages its own production plants and brands. The share issue will permit us to build a completely new production line in Finnish Lapland, at springs located in the organic collection area in Saariselkä.

A total of 10 million shares are available for subscription at a price of EUR 0.75 each.

Terms of share issue