Our story

Unique spring water on nature’s terms

Lapland’s pristine nature is one of our most important natural resources. Imagine a frostbitten gorge in the Lapp fells, sheathed in a sun-kissed blanket of snow. On top of bedrock millions of years old, compressed between layers of the Earth’s crust, lies a pool of uniquely clear water, a life force for plants, animals and humans alike.

Hile Water is a new Finnish water business that extracts water on nature’s terms from the Saariselkä organic collection area. The location means that there is no built environment, no roads and no fertilized farmland close to the pumping plant: only untouched nature. Therefore, the spring water needs no processing of any sort, as it is completely pure in itself.

Supported by the locals

Over the years, we have gained the trust of the local population and other operators in the region.

Our way of operating has been approved by both the Sámi Parliament and the local reindeer herders. The message is clear: only by working together can we ensure the ecological, ethical, social and economic sustainability of water extraction.

We aim to contribute to the region’s vitality, increase Lapland’s renown and support local business activity.

Find your water

Independent experts have confirmed that there is enough spring water here to serve everyone: the locals, the domestic markets and international markets. We make sure that the unique spring water resources are sustainably utilised, respecting both the surrounding nature and the local community.

We make the world’s purest sustainably produced fresh water. We ensure the protection of water resources and biodiversity for future generations. Become involved in building a strong Finnish water brand with us. Find it, embrace it, be involved: together and proud.