Terms of share issue

The share issue refers to shares in the limited company Hile Water Oy (“the Company”). We are selling shares in the Company, which manages its own production plants and brands. The share issue will permit us to build a completely new production line in Finnish Lapland, at springs located in the organic collection area in Saariselkä.

A total of 10 million shares are available for subscription at a price of EUR 0.75 each. The minimum purchase is 200 shares (EUR 150). The share issue period is from 6 May 2019 to 30 December 2021. For subscription and payment instructions, please see “How to subscribe”.

The company has a single class of share, using the one share, one vote principle. The Annual General Meeting decides on dividends, based on the Board’s proposal. Investors must inform the company of their name, personal ID, company ID or another applicable official identification number, email address and postal address. The company’s shares are not tradeable in multilateral trading facilities. The company does not intend to make its shares available in multilateral trading facilities. 

Further subscription and payment terms can be found in the prospectus.