Water from the pristine wilderness

Inari water is extracted from the organic collection area, respecting the surroundings, on nature’s terms and without burdening the environment.

For thousands of years, water from the Inari area has given life to all the organic matter around. It provides a life force for Arctic plants, berries and trees, as well as for the wildlife of Finland’s barren wilderness.

Our Inari water gushes from the world’s northernmost springs in the pristine wilderness of Lapland’s Saariselkä region.


Inari water has a small carbon footprint. It respects the heritage of bygone generations. It is a renewable resource. We honour the locals and their lifestyle.


The world’s northernmost spring water is extracted from an unspoilt organic collection area. Inari is packaged in an ecologically manufactured glass bottle designed by the renowned Harri Koskinen. The bottle’s design accentuates and pays homage to distinctiveness and singularity.


Only extraction from unpolluted earth can result in optimal water quality. The further away roads, industry and built-up areas are, the better the properties of the water’s catchment area. Inari water is genuinely original.