INARI – Discover the undiscovered water

Inari – water has provided vitality for millennia to all living things.

Inari – water provides its growth vigour to northern plants – including wild berries and trees – and Finland’s wilderness areas’ fish and for the wild animals of Lapland.

Inari – water is produced within an organic collection area, respecting the nature, with due awareness of natural conditions, and without burdening nature.

Inari – water flows from the northernmost springs of the world from the pristine wilderness of Saariselkä, in Finnish Lapland.

Design by Harri Koskinen


Small carbon footprint. Respects the heritage of past generations. Renewable natural resource. Truly ecological.


The world’s northernmost water. From a pristine organic collection area. Product design respects and highlights uniqueness.


The healthiest choice. Respectful of natural indigeneity. Awareness of the local people and indigeneity.

Share issue

Our aim is constant growth, brand building and creating the era of International Finnish bottled water. Export prospects are perfect. We are investing in Finland and Lapland.

Due to the issue of new shares, we will build a completely new production line in the Saariselkä organic collection area in Finnish Lapland. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, it is planned to complete purchase and testing of the equipment required for production. An environmentally-friendly packaging plant for spring bottled water will be built in the same area. The plant is located in an environmentally friendly collection area and will produce exceptionally clean spring bottled water for Finnish and International markets.